All incoming information over the ‘Südzucker Compliance Line’ is checked immediately, also to fulfil legal deadlines, and in order to provide feedback promptly to the source – to the extent that this is possible. If there is sufficient initial suspicion, one based on firm circumstances, the Compliance Of- ficer of Südzucker AG conducts a more in-depth, case-specific clarification of the facts of the matter. With anonymous messages, this can be an elaborate and extensive process to eliminate as far as pos- sible the higher risk of misuse of the ‘Südzucker Compliance Line’. Regardless of whether information is submitted by a named or an anonymous source, that source can set up a protected mailbox in the whistleblowing system. When this mailbox is set up, the ‘Pseudo- nym/username’ and ‘Password’ are chosen by the source.

Ciras Membership: Unlocking A Speak-up Culture

As was noted by the Commission in 2018, the UK already had one of the most advanced whistleblowing protection systems in the EU through PIDA 1998 (which inserted extensive whistleblowing protections into the Employment Rights Act 1996 (“ERA 1996”). The department will protect any person who reports a concern in good faith from victimisation or reprisals such as being subject to discipline, dismissal or any other detriment as a result of raising the concern. The Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures have been designed to offer protection when raising a concern that is accepted under the Policy whilst ensuring that it is addressed and resolved at the right level and as quickly as effectively possible. To raise a concern there only needs to be reasonable belief that wrongdoing has occurred is occurring or is likely to occur. It is not for the individual to investigate or prove that their concerns are justified; that is the responsibility of the department. The Commission has powers under the Act to hear and decide on complaints raised by civil servants under the Civil Service Code specifically.

These build on previous arrangements and include the creation of a new Independent National Whistleblowing Officer (INWO) which forms part of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman. Matters such as bullying, dissatisfaction with wages, violations of the alcohol policy, etc., should not be reported here. The whistleblowing system (BKMS® System) serves to receive and process information on compliance violations in a secure and confidential manner. This protected mailbox is used exclusively for communication with the Compliance Officer of Südzucker AG, who will also provide feedback on how the note is further processed, or further ques- tions can be asked in cases where details are still not clear. In cases where the source has decided in favour of anonymous communication, this shall be assured in all further communication with the Compliance Officer of Südzucker AG.

Reports By Aviation Industry Employees Or Ex-employees

Under the new Directive, employees will have no duty to report internally before heading to the authorities. meldesystem-whistleblower , French employees are required to use that system to report internally before blowing the whistle to public authorities or to the media, except in cases of emergency. Anyone can make a report, but please read the information below first as not all complaints or reports will be handled under this process e.g. a personal grievance or complaint that does not have the potential to cause harm to the general public.

This can be done via internal processes set up by the organisation (internal whistleblowing) or to an external body such as a regulator (external whistleblowing). The legal basis for data processing must be laid down in the regulations on the reporting procedure, for example in a works agreement. For notices under the HinSchG, the legal basis for data processing is section 10 HinSchG. The LkSG itself does not provide a legal basis for data processing, and the explanatory memorandum to the law presumes without further explanation that data protection is to be guaranteed. Reports that do not contain information relevant under either the HinSchG or the LkSG but are made on the basis of a company’s internal ethics policy, also cannot be processed under section 10 HinSchG. F General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as collective agreements pursuant to Art. 88 para.

In some cases of whistleblowing the CAA will not be the responsible authority. The CAA will help the whistleblower in identifying the correct authority. Other responsible authorities could be the US Federal Aviation Administration, European Aviation Safety Agency, Ministry of Defence or other National Aviation Authorities. Where possible, interviews with whistleblowers should take place on CAA premises with another CAA member of staff present as a witness. It can be very difficult to verify allegations without adequate detailed information.

Correct and compliant behavior is a top priority for the WEINIG Group and forms the foundation of our success. Serious information about compliance violations helps us to counteract them at an early stage and thus reduce damage to the companies of the WEINIG Group, our employees and business partners. GoodCorporation’s Whistleblowing Framework has been designed to help organisations establish effective whistleblowing systems and create an environment in which stakeholders are able to raise concerns in a safe and constructive manner. This Whistleblowing process has been set up solely for the purpose of raising concerns about possible incidents of non-compliance; please note that other matters cannot be dealt with via this process. This is because, in addition to the threat of official proceedings in the case of an external report, there is a threat of a public disclosure by the whistleblower if the external reporting point processes the report inadequately.

They must have come to the knowledge of the whistleblower in connection with their professional activity or in the run-up to a professional activity. Companies with 50 or more employees and other regulated entities (such as public sector institutions) must establish an internal reporting channel. That should enable the disclosure of information, in writing and/or verbally, and ensure that the identities of whistleblowers and any named third parties are protected. In principle, the data protection authorities accept the option of concluding works agreements pursuant to Art. 88 para.

As a whistleblower, you can choose the reporting channel according to your convenience. Anonymous reporting is not mandatory, but it is advisable because it may lower the inhibition thresholds for reporting and enable companies to compete effectively with external reporting routes. It is also advisable to provide a mix of different reporting and contact options, so that potential whistleblowers can submit their information at the lowest possible threshold. In addition to electronic reporting channels, a traditional mailbox can also be used, depending on the individual case.

However, where members actions are involved, the Standards Regime under the Localism Act 2011 will be engaged. This is not a comprehensive list but is intended to illustrate the range of issues which might be raised under this Code. This policy and procedure complies with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 and the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013. The CIRAS member community shares good practice and learning – working together to build a culture of speaking up and listening – so that everyone gets home safe and well.